Object Scans

In an age where information is collected and processed on a mass scale, in a way that defines how societies function, the act of recording and how records are interpreted takes centre stage.

This series began with a concern into how the same information can be expressed in different ways and how each varying expression alters meaning. The process, in which a scanner is rotated around a three dimensional object, condenses the three dimensions of space into two. A shift from our anthropocentric view of the world occurs. Analogous to the ideas that birthed Analytical Cubism, the images present multiple angles at the same time; allowing a re-discovery of the everyday.

The series’ focus on plants alludes to the long history of recording and documenting the natural world - something with which we are all familiar. As such, the fact the works so closely straddle the line between abstraction and representation; having been produced via a clinical, objective process, allow us to see the object without immediately recognising it. To see its aesthetics but not its identity.

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